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August 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Fine Art Prints for Sale - Harrisburg - Pennsylvania - Nature - Landscape - City - StreetFine Art Prints for Sale - Harrisburg - Pennsylvania - Nature - Landscape - City - StreetFine Art Prints for Sale - Harrisburg - Pennsylvania - Nature - Landscape - City - Street

For the last couple of months I have been debating on how to bring my photography into the third dimension a bit more.  The obvious answer is by printing more of my photographs.  Believe it or not, only a few of the photographs I've created have taken the jump from the screen to the page, and most don't even see the dim light of social media.  I'm not sure if I should share more photographs?  Or should I share less?  Do I need to find a project to work towards?  A book?  A zine?  A singular topic I can dedicate to my photography, even if it's just for now?

After way too much over thinking I have decided to reinvigorate my blog, but with a twist.  You will now be able to buy most of the photography that is featured on my blog, plus some other photos that didn't fit in their respective post's aesthetics.  Some of the photos featured won't be available for purchase, such as the more personal ones of my friends and family, but most will.

I intend to implement this on the next post, a write-up about my recent trip to the Finger Lakes of New York.  I also plan to create a FAQ section about purchasing prints and other questions I get asked frequently.  Who knows how it'll all turn out?!  But it's high time to do something more.

Also, I've decided to rotate the first image you see when you arrive on my site, right now it is the photo of the two flower girls from Soto & Brittany's Wedding.  The image will be pulled from the most recent blog entry.  I tell you this because on the off chance you visit my site without being pressured to do so via my social media accounts, and see the a different photo, you'll know there is a new post.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my words and look at my photographs.  And in the future, if you read a blog post and see a photo that would look good on your wall, or for some reason feel compelled to support my photography, you'll be able to snap up a print with relative ease.

- Take care out there & stay snapping.

Edit:  I have decided to offer no more than 20 prints per blog post.  It is a much different process to pick my 20 favorite photos, versus picking photos that I like and think someone else may like as well.  I think this process will give me much needed practice in self-editing.


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