Dead Malls by Anthony Beaston. Things Done Framed. Monograph




this was going to be a book available to purchase on-demand, but after a horrible first print, I’ve decided to release it before I actually have it printed.

If you’re interested in seeing the layout, as well as the other narrative bits that I added, feel free to download the PDF below. If you don’t care to read the narrative, I’ve uploaded all of the project’s  images in their respective galleries below. The order is the same as in the book, but the layout is not. I’ve included the preface as well, which sums up the intention behind the project.


This book is more art than it is documentary. The shutter only snapped if I was inspired. In july of 2022 I bought a new camera, a Fujifilm x100v. An APS-C crop sensor format with a fixed 23mm lens, equivalent to a 35mm on a full frame setup. In order to familiarize myself with the camera and the focal length, my favorite is 50mm, I wanted to shoot a small project and print it. If you haven’t guessed already, this is that project. And honestly, if you’re reading this after you bought this, I am grateful beyond measure and surprised beyond doubt. I hope you enjoy the photos.