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Tag: Mechanicsburg

Dat Old House

Photographed in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. April 2019

No Banks

Two things that will always remind me of my childhood, basketball hoops and minivans.

Just Off Main

While I can appreciate the facades of commercial buildings, the time, energy and thought put into them can be quite incredible, I am drawn to the authenticity of residential dwellings.

‘Til the Wheels Fall Off

Motorcycle wheels sit outside of a residence near downtown Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. April 2019

Rectangle Alley

A residential alley photographed in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania during a recent photo walk.

Satellite Dish in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, street photography

Satellite & Shadows

Street photography of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States. April 2019

Classic, Antique, Truck, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, street photography

Hanging On

There once was a truck who became a shelf, and

Street Photography, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, A Series of Things

Stage Left

I will forgo a maintained Main Street for an alley any day.