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Tag: urban

Mars Towing, street photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mars Towing

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2018

trashcan, rubbish, street, shadow, graffiti

Rubbish on a Trashcan

After far too many hours of introspective deliberation, I have decided to forgo posting my images in series. Well, not completely. I just don’t want to have to do it.

Just Off Main

While I can appreciate the facades of commercial buildings, the time, energy and thought put into them can be quite incredible, I am drawn to the authenticity of residential dwellings.

Fine Art Street Photography, night, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Door of Light

I’m quite certain I could have hobbled together some quotes about the beauty of struggle. Something like, only in darkness can you see your light, or only through struggle can you find your strength.

Fine Art Street Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, red

Empty Seats

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2019.

Street Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Abandoned, Condemned, Bando

Left Behind

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2019

Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Concrete Garden

“However mean your life is, meet it and live it;

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

Signs, Signs, Signs

The other day while walking around Harrisburg, I was struck at the sheer number and variety of signs I saw. Some were small and suggestive while others were large and commanding. Some held labels, some sold things, but most of them just said “no” in one way or another.