Tuscarora State Forest - Pennsylvania - nature - camping- hiking - backpacking - camping - fine art photography

Less than Perfect

I’ve finally gotten around to processing the rest of the of the photos from my camping trip to Tuscarora State Forest last month. I opted to take my a6000 with me as well as the 16-50mm kit lens. It has been years since I’ve used the lens, as I’ve been shooting with Sigma primes on … Read more

A Breakfast in Nature - camping - campfire - hiking - Tuscarora State Forest

Breakfast in Nature

If you’ve spent any time outdoors you know how much better everything tastes out there. And the undisputed pinnacle of outdoor meals is, without a doubt, breakfast. There is nothing like bacon cooked over a campfire. Hell, there’s nothing like anything cooked over a campfire. Wait, what?! You get my point. Turn bread into toast … Read more

Autumn in Hickory Run State Park - White Haven, Pennsylvania

Hickory Run State Park

This past Sunday I went for an impromptu day trip to northeastern Pennsylvania with one of my brothers. Our only goal was to head north out of Harrisburg until we saw the leaves start to change. It would seem that autumn color is unusually late this year. So we hopped on 81N and wound through … Read more

Autumn Camping in Tuscarora State Forest

Camping in Tuscarora State Forest

A few weeks back I went on a camping trip in Tuscarora State Forest with some friends. We knew we had a good chance for rain, but it literally rained 95% of the time. In the 3 days we were there we had 3 hours where it didn’t rain. And even then our camp was … Read more

Colonel Denning State Park - Pennsylvania

Official Parking no. 1

You may have noticed that recently my uploads have come in waves of three. Like most things in my life, there is a reason behind it. Lately, I’ve been questioning my motivation for, well, everything. But in this post I’ll stick to just my photography. Originally photography was merely a means to an ends. Flashback … Read more

Alan Seeger Natural Area - Rothrock State Forest - Pennsylvania

Rolling Through Rothrock

Star Date: August 13th, 2017.  I once again find myself on RTE 322 heading north towards State Collegewith one of my brothers.  This time I’m with mi hermano Erik, y we’re rolling to Penn-Roosevelt State Park, a small park located in the heart of Rothrock State Forest.  Neither of us had ever been there, nor knew much about it, … Read more

Happy Valley - University Park - Penn State University - State College, Pennsylvania - photography - fine art

A Vacant Happy Valley

A few weekends ago, wow, almost a month ago, my brother Ryan and I both had the itch to get out of town for the day.  After a few minutes of discussion and maps getting swiped, it was brought to my attention that Ryan had never been to State College.  For those that don’t know, and … Read more

Owasco Lake - Finger Lakes - New York - travel - nature - photography

Owasco Lake & Beyond

THE PREFACE Nothing quite like being the 7th wheel.  Actually, maybe being the 9th wheel is similar to being the 7th wheel.  I kid.  I kid.  This past  July I spent the lion’s share of a week kickin’ next to Owasco Lake, one of the Finger Lakes in the beautiful state of New York.  I was the sole … Read more