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Christmas 2016 - holiday photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Day After

After a full day of familial obligations, I thought for the day after Christmas it would be nice to kick it with some friends. Not that my Christmas was particularly hectic, as I don’t allow myself to be swept up in the peppermint undertow; a task more simply stated than accomplished.

Craft Beer Brewer - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art documentary photography

HBG Brewing Ep. 1 – Kit-Style

Fog hung in the air as I crossed the Susquehanna headed to an undisclosed location in Harrisburg. After circling the well-lit blocks of historic Midtown for what felt like a small eternity, I found a spot to park. It was perfect. It had plenty of space and was the last spot behind a “no parking” sign, meaning I could pull right in. Behind me were the flickering orange lights of the Harvey Tailor Bridge, their effect magnified by the low hanging mist that clung to the river.