Big Sky Horse Farm, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Documentary photography

Big Sky Farm

These photographs were taken during a brief trip to Big Sky Farm, a horse farm located just outside of Carlisle, Pennsylvania that my grandfather still manages at the ripe old age of 89. Last week my pops and I went there to help my grandpa with some of the more strenuous tasks. We were only … Read more

Michaux State Forest - fine art photography - Pennsylvania

Order in Chaos

When I am surrounded by trees, I see peace everywhere I look. I see peace in the detritus of the trail; the trees of years gone by. I see peace in the steadfast trunks supporting the dark matrix of branches that shield me from the blue sky above. Perhaps that’s why forests are so difficult … Read more

Walnut Street Bridge at Night - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

Too Much Oversaturation

During one of my recent Instagram binges I came across a story from incredibly talented photographer Elena Jasić that I’ll sum up as follows. There are too many photographers right now taking way too many photographs. This is something I’ve grappled with myself. The game is oversaturated, a fact my self-doubt loves to point at … Read more

Owl Creek Handmade - maker portrait- Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

BTS w/ Owl Creek Handmade

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, there may just be a few of you out there, you know that my extremely talented brother is the owner/h.m.i.c. (head maker in charge) of Owl Creek Handmade. He crafts incredible pieces of functional minimalist art utilizing traditional materials, predominately waxed canvas and leather. If you’ve ever … Read more

Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


continued from “Complement Alley” So where do I go from here? What is the next stage in my photographic evolution? I believe it will be defined by my printed work. And to my excitement, I finally feel ready to have my work live fully in the third dimension, not just as long strings of zeros … Read more

Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Complement Alley

When I first got back into still photography, after 4 exclusive years with video, I shot everything in black and white. Everything. It didn’t matter if the color inspired me to take the photo, it all came out black and white. I’m quite certain it was a side effect of finding The Art of Photography … Read more