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Tag: art

trashcan, rubbish, street, shadow, graffiti

Rubbish on a Trashcan

After far too many hours of introspective deliberation, I have decided to forgo posting my images in series. Well, not completely. I just don’t want to have to do it.

Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Art, Not Content

This is a story of intention. A story of why. How I see it, there are two types of posts being shared right now, art and content.

Autumn in Pennsylvania Forest - state game lands 211 - Harrisburg - fine art nature photography

Color Shift

We’ve all seen those landscape photos that make us stop

Capitol Building - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

A Foggy Night in HBG – B&W

As implied at the end of the previous post, here are the black & white photos from my recent night trip into downtown Harrisburg.

Fine Art Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A Truck Under the Bridge

It would seem that this winter in Harrisburg isn’t going to be much of a winter. Most days the temperature tops off in the 50’s and only dips into the high 30’s at night. We have been greeted with more days of fog than days of snow. As of the writing of this post we haven’t received any calculable snow fall, a fact that I wish weren’t true.

fine art street photography - Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

From the Whip

After going through some of the more recent photographs I’ve made, I realized that I have been shooting from inside the car a whole bunch. Normally I’m not a fan of car shooting. The dirty windows. The unexpected bumps. But apparently I have strayed from that belief, at least momentarily.