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Tag: landscape photography

Geothermal Yellowstone

Photos from Yellowstone National Park of the geothermal features. Old Faithful and more.

Medicine Bow National Forest

About an hour and half after leaving Estes Park we crossed the Colorado and Wyoming state line driving north on rte. 287. We didn’t know exactly where we were headed, but we were making our way to somewhere in Medicine Bow National Forest.

ASOT 00003 – Ranger East

An almost 10 year old, 2000 mile road trip from Denver, CO to Harrisburg, PA via the Rocky Mountains and the American West.

Autumn in Pennsylvania Forest - state game lands 211 - Harrisburg - fine art nature photography

Color Shift

We’ve all seen those landscape photos that make us stop

Susquehanna River - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

Fog Laden River

It would seem more and more of my trips are becoming less planned and more impromptu. Which is a great thing for me, considering I’m horrible at planning. It’s not that I lack the intellectual capacity. It’s more of an energetic block type thing.

Susquehanna River - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

A Harrisburg Walk

I finally got a chance to go out and shoot for the first time in close to a month. And when I don’t shoot, I can feel the adverse results of through my entire being. When I shoot I sift through the muck and sludge of reality to find the intrinsic beauty therein. This perspective shift then bleeds into all areas of my life.