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Tag: red

Red Stripe, street photography, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Red Stripe

Photographed in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 2018

Red String, street photography, Enola, Pennsylvania

Red String

Photographed in Enola, Pennsylvania. 2018

Big Red Top, Enola, Pennsylvania, carnival, fair, photography

Big Red Top

Photographed in Enola, Pennsylvania. 2018

trashcan, rubbish, street, shadow, graffiti

Rubbish on a Trashcan

After far too many hours of introspective deliberation, I have decided to forgo posting my images in series. Well, not completely. I just don’t want to have to do it.

Classic, Antique, Truck, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, street photography

Hanging On

There once was a truck who became a shelf, and

Red Essie - Fine Art Street Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Red Essie

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2019.

Fine Art Color Photography - Camp Hill, PA -

& Sho

Photographed in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. 2019