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Tag: street

Boonsboro, Maryland, Street Photography

Fruitless Repairs

At what point does repair become obsolete? It would seem like most days are spent taping together bits of dust instead of just sweeping it into the bin and starting anew.

Red Stripe, street photography, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Red Stripe

Photographed in Hershey, Pennsylvania. 2018

Mars Towing, street photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mars Towing

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2018

Fresh Take

If you’ve ever been to Riverfront Park in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, you have undoubtedly seen the bronze sculpture of a man reading a newspaper. Even if you haven’t been to Harrisburg, all you have to do is hit one of the Harrisburg hashtags and you’ll see it in multiple photos posted each day.

Fine Art Street Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, red

Empty Seats

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2019.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

Three’s Company

I’m not gonna lie, I tried to come up with a more better title for this series of photographs, but nope. Oh well. The title isn’t the important thing, unless of course you care about SEO and audience retention, and well…

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

Turn Around

In the previous post, “The Same Wall”, I had every intention to speak in a pragmatic, conversational voice, but inspiration had other plans. I wanted to touch on the casual topic of subjective and objective reality by using a reductive metaphor of a single wall.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

The Same Wall

We are all staring at the same wall painted in flickering shadows. Infinitely expansive, it is impossible to see in its entirety. So we pick a point on the wall and stare. Careful not to avert our gaze from the dancing dimness, we rarely ask why the dark dances at all.