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Turn Around

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

In the previous post, “The Same Wall”, I had every intention to speak in a pragmatic, conversational voice, but inspiration had other plans. I wanted to touch on the casual topic of subjective and objective reality by using a reductive metaphor of a single wall. I was going to point out how just one wall can hold infinity inside of it and how we all see the same things differently. As individuals our perspective is not immune to change even to our relative selves. For instance, each of the photographs in this series were created with the previous one in mind. Each was both a cause and effect.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

But what happens if you aren’t happy with what you see? Or even worse, what happens when if, no matter what, when you look at the wall you get frustrated, angry or hateful? You take a long blink, a deep breath, and a step back. When your eyes open the wall will still exist, but it will not appear the same. It will occupy the same space, but not the same way.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

In plain speak, your external world doesn’t need to be altered in order for everything in your universe to change. I know it teeters on cliche, but I can assure you it is valid. The fact that we can’t see and know everything allows us the right to chose what we see and how we feel. If watching the news makes you feel horrible, as it does for me, don’t watch it. What good does it do to hear of horrors we cannot heal? And if we can heal them, we must.

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Anthony Beaston is a film editor, photographer, designer and writer living just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.