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Tag: fine art photography

Fine Art Photography, Tuscarora State Park, Pennsylvania

Camera in Hand

I’m not one for bathroom selfies, or photos in bathrooms in general, but when you’re in an all but abandoned state park in northern Pennsylvania and the light looks this good, you take a photo or three.

Fine Art Street Photography, Mechancisburg, Pennsylvania

Main Street Mechanicsburg

A few days ago I found myself walking the streets of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, camera in hand. Usually I bring one with me just about everywhere I go.

Fine Art Street Photography, night, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Door of Light

I’m quite certain I could have hobbled together some quotes about the beauty of struggle. Something like, only in darkness can you see your light, or only through struggle can you find your strength.

Fine Art Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Stale Breeze

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2018

Fine Art Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Jar & Bowl

Photographed in Pennsylvania. 2019

Fine Art Photography, Caledonia State Park, Pennsylvania, nature, forest, fine art


Photographed in Caledonia State Park, Pennsylvania. 2019

Fine Art Street Photography, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, red

Empty Seats

Photographed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 2019.