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Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania - Lehigh Gorge State Park - Pocono Mountains - fine art photography

Inner World

Caves and introspection, walking hand and hand since forever. I

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

Signs, Signs, Signs

The other day while walking around Harrisburg, I was struck at the sheer number and variety of signs I saw. Some were small and suggestive while others were large and commanding. Some held labels, some sold things, but most of them just said “no” in one way or another.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

Three’s Company

I’m not gonna lie, I tried to come up with a more better title for this series of photographs, but nope. Oh well. The title isn’t the important thing, unless of course you care about SEO and audience retention, and well…

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

Turn Around

In the previous post, “The Same Wall”, I had every intention to speak in a pragmatic, conversational voice, but inspiration had other plans. I wanted to touch on the casual topic of subjective and objective reality by using a reductive metaphor of a single wall.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

The Same Wall

We are all staring at the same wall painted in flickering shadows. Infinitely expansive, it is impossible to see in its entirety. So we pick a point on the wall and stare. Careful not to avert our gaze from the dancing dimness, we rarely ask why the dark dances at all.

Capitol Building - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art street photography

A Foggy Night in HBG – Color

A couple of months ago friend of mine asked if I would be interested in hanging some photographs in his business. He owns a local legend of an establishment here in Harrisburg, Pa and it would be an honor to see some of my work on its walls. But until everything is official and photographs are hanging, we shall keep its name in obscurity’s selective shadow.

Canada Geese - fine art nature photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Geese Under a Tree

I crept cautiously through the damp grass along the tree line following the dim calls of the huddled geese. I was only rocking a 28-70 on my A7M2 so I needed to be close. As I crossed the road the geese slowly materialized from a dense fog wall hugging the Conodiguinet Creek that sat behind them.

Fine Art Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A Truck Under the Bridge

It would seem that this winter in Harrisburg isn’t going to be much of a winter. Most days the temperature tops off in the 50’s and only dips into the high 30’s at night. We have been greeted with more days of fog than days of snow. As of the writing of this post we haven’t received any calculable snow fall, a fact that I wish weren’t true.