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Tag: Susquehanna River

Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Prints of Peace

Two announcements. First, at the request of a very patient follower, or fan, or whatever you want to call someone who respects my photography, I am in the process of turning this image into a print.

Pastel Drive - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

Pastel Drive

While there is no debating the effect of travel on

Crows - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art nature photography

The Crows at Dusk

I am no stranger to the clamorous crows that frequent Harrisburg in the winter months of the year, but I have never seen this many crows, this close, ever. Hell, I have never seen this many birds together at once, period. I don’t even want to venture with a number, but they were plentiful. If you’re on a desktop, be sure to click on each image to get a better look at their numbers.

Susquehanna River - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

Fog Laden River

It would seem more and more of my trips are becoming less planned and more impromptu. Which is a great thing for me, considering I’m horrible at planning. It’s not that I lack the intellectual capacity. It’s more of an energetic block type thing.

Super Moon over Susquehanna River - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Superish Moon Scout

If you’ve been on social media lately you no doubt have seen the countless posts proselytizing the need to go out and see the super moon. This technically isn’t the super moon, as it was taken a day before being full, but my brother and I wanted to head out and scout a location.

Susquehanna River - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

A Harrisburg Walk

I finally got a chance to go out and shoot for the first time in close to a month. And when I don’t shoot, I can feel the adverse results of through my entire being. When I shoot I sift through the muck and sludge of reality to find the intrinsic beauty therein. This perspective shift then bleeds into all areas of my life.