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Tag: zine

Geothermal Yellowstone

Photos from Yellowstone National Park of the geothermal features. Old Faithful and more.

ASOT 00003 – Ranger East

An almost 10 year old, 2000 mile road trip from Denver, CO to Harrisburg, PA via the Rocky Mountains and the American West.

No Banks

Two things that will always remind me of my childhood, basketball hoops and minivans.

‘Til the Wheels Fall Off

Motorcycle wheels sit outside of a residence near downtown Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. April 2019

Classic, Antique, Truck, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, street photography

Hanging On

There once was a truck who became a shelf, and

Street Photography, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, A Series of Things

Stage Left

I will forgo a maintained Main Street for an alley any day.

Rest Stop

I found a nice sized travel trailer parked in the shadows on an industrial looking building not far from downtown.

A Series of Things - 00001 - Charter Day, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, street photography, zine

ASOT 00001 – Charter Day

The debut issue of the zine featuring photography from The State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.