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Winter Storm Stella - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Winter Storm Stella

Prior to March 14th 2017 Harrisburg Pennsylvania was on track to have the least snowiest winter in all of the years of recorded weather. But winter storm Stella had something to say that. I’m not entirely sure when or why we started naming storms, but whatever, Stella dropped 17 inches of fresh pow on most of the keystone state.

Gifford Pinchot State Park - Pennsylvania - fine art nature photography

Pinchot Politickin’

A few weeks back I was cold kickin’ it when my cell phone jumped off the ringer. It was my good friend Bill. I could hear an elation in his voice that is usually not present. He blurted forth that he and his family had just purchased a small cabin along the Conewago Creek in northern York County.

Canada Geese - fine art nature photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Geese Under a Tree

I crept cautiously through the damp grass along the tree line following the dim calls of the huddled geese. I was only rocking a 28-70 on my A7M2 so I needed to be close. As I crossed the road the geese slowly materialized from a dense fog wall hugging the Conodiguinet Creek that sat behind them.

Fine Art Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A Truck Under the Bridge

It would seem that this winter in Harrisburg isn’t going to be much of a winter. Most days the temperature tops off in the 50’s and only dips into the high 30’s at night. We have been greeted with more days of fog than days of snow. As of the writing of this post we haven’t received any calculable snow fall, a fact that I wish weren’t true.

Crows - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art nature photography

The Crows at Dusk

I am no stranger to the clamorous crows that frequent Harrisburg in the winter months of the year, but I have never seen this many crows, this close, ever. Hell, I have never seen this many birds together at once, period. I don’t even want to venture with a number, but they were plentiful. If you’re on a desktop, be sure to click on each image to get a better look at their numbers.

nature photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Impromptu Hike

My last hike of 2017 wasn’t scheduled, but it was enjoyed. The winter sun was hanging low in the sky when Sam hit me up. He was sitting bored at his house and debating on playing some video games, but before he did he hit me up. I suggested we go out to the forest for a quick hike to breath in some fresh mountain air. He agreed.