Michaux State Forest - fine art photography - Pennsylvania

Order in Chaos

When I am surrounded by trees, I see peace everywhere I look. I see peace in the detritus of the trail; the trees of years gone by. I see peace in the steadfast trunks supporting the dark matrix of branches that shield me from the blue sky above. Perhaps that’s why forests are so difficult … Read more

Pastel Drive - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art photography

Pastel Drive

While there is no debating the effect of travel on inspiration, I believe there is something to be said, and more importantly learned, about photographing the life you live. Please, don’t confuse this with the current trend of over-sharing all of your day’s minutia. This isn’t about food photos and exaggerated enjoyments. Hell, this isn’t … Read more

A Life Outside - Fine Art Nature Photography - Pennsylvania

A Life Outside

For the longest time I held aspirations of moving to a narrow hemlock-lined hollow in the mountains, building a cabin and living out my days alone in quiet contemplation. Free from the distractions and hinderances of societal life, surrounded by beauty I would finally be able find peace and truth. But the older I get, the more I question the path of secluded beauty.

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania - Lehigh Gorge State Park - Pocono Mountains - fine art photography

Inner World

Caves and introspection, walking hand and hand since forever. I suppose it should be no surprise, after all caves are the literal embodiment of looking inwardly. Stepping into darkness, the only light, is yours. Intention and intuition guide you along the slippery slopes as touch becomes sight… Don’t believe me?! Here are a few quotes … Read more