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Tag: hiking

Wildwood Park & Lake - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - Dauphin County - nature - hiking - bird watching

Wildwood at Noon

Photographs from a day hike at Wildwood Park & Lake, Dauphin County, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Michaux State Forest - fine art photography - Pennsylvania

Order in Chaos

When I am surrounded by trees, I see peace everywhere

Gifford Pinchot State Park - Pennsylvania - fine art nature photography

Pinchot Politickin’

A few weeks back I was cold kickin’ it when my cell phone jumped off the ringer. It was my good friend Bill. I could hear an elation in his voice that is usually not present. He blurted forth that he and his family had just purchased a small cabin along the Conewago Creek in northern York County.

nature photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Impromptu Hike

My last hike of 2017 wasn’t scheduled, but it was enjoyed. The winter sun was hanging low in the sky when Sam hit me up. He was sitting bored at his house and debating on playing some video games, but before he did he hit me up. I suggested we go out to the forest for a quick hike to breath in some fresh mountain air. He agreed.

Black & White fine art nature photography - Pennsylvania

20 Minutes in the Woods

It wasn’t supposed to rain until late afternoon, but that didn’t stop morning rain. Krik & I headed out to film some videos like we always do. A couple lefts, a couple rights, and a couple minutes later we were jingling down the backside of the mountain on a rocky forest road.