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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Fine Art Street Photography

The Same Wall

We are all staring at the same wall painted in flickering shadows. Infinitely expansive, it is impossible to see in its entirety. So we pick a point on the wall and stare. Careful not to avert our gaze from the dancing dimness, we rarely ask why the dark dances at all.

A Series of Things - 00001 - Charter Day, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, street photography, zine

ASOT 00001 – Charter Day

The debut issue of the zine featuring photography from The State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg.

Christmas 2016 - holiday photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Day After

After a full day of familial obligations, I thought for the day after Christmas it would be nice to kick it with some friends. Not that my Christmas was particularly hectic, as I don’t allow myself to be swept up in the peppermint undertow; a task more simply stated than accomplished.

Craft Beer Brewer - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art documentary photography

HBG Brewing Ep. 1 – Kit-Style

Fog hung in the air as I crossed the Susquehanna headed to an undisclosed location in Harrisburg. After circling the well-lit blocks of historic Midtown for what felt like a small eternity, I found a spot to park. It was perfect. It had plenty of space and was the last spot behind a “no parking” sign, meaning I could pull right in. Behind me were the flickering orange lights of the Harvey Tailor Bridge, their effect magnified by the low hanging mist that clung to the river.