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Birds in Flight

Birds Flying - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art nature photography

As I mentioned in my previous post, my brother and I headed out for a super moon scout.  We stopped at various points along the mighty Susquehanna river to find the right angle for our shots.  One of the spots we stopped, the river access point in West Fairview, I jumped out of the truck, noticed the moon rising and snapped, the previous’ post photo.  Above me flew a flock of pigeons in the golden hour sky, so naturally I aimed my camera up.  This was the first time I had been shooting on my 7D for sometime, lately I have been using my a6000 with a 19mm Sigma lens.  I really enjoy shooting primes, but nothing can compare to the convenience and range of a decent telephoto zoom lens.

Birds Flying - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - fine art nature photography

It was refreshing to be able to zoom in and snap some photos, reframe and snap some more.  Out of the two images above, I think I personally dig the second one more than the first.  I just like the balance and positioning of the birds a bit more.  Although I do enjoy the added detail of the first image being taken at a higher zoom.

Picture of thingsdoneframed


Anthony Beaston is a film editor, photographer, designer and writer living just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.