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Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Fine Art Street Photography - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

continued from “Complement Alley”

So where do I go from here? What is the next stage in my photographic evolution? I believe it will be defined by my printed work. And to my excitement, I finally feel ready to have my work live fully in the third dimension, not just as long strings of zeros and ones. It is time to make photographs.

Last year I foolishly proclaimed in “Charter Day” that I was going to produce a semi-regular publication of my photography entitled, A Series of Things. Well, that didn’t happen. I didn’t make it passed the first issue. Lol. Whoops. I have a tendency to do that, to allow my words to cut a path that I won’t walk. I’m working on it. Discerning between possibility and probability isn’t so easy when you know everything is possible. What?! Am I the only one distracted by infinity and limited by space/time?

Speaking of space/time, my plan is release my first official monograph around 2019’s Spring Equinox. I’m thinking of doing a limited run of signed copies and then offering them for sale via print on-demand. I also plan to select my favorite photographs from the book and turn them into prints, for those of us who like photography on our walls. I’m also in the process of finding a place to host the show. I have a couple great possibilities, but if you, or anyone you know may be interested in hosting, please reach out.

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Anthony Beaston is a film editor, photographer, designer and writer living just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.